Tax Preparation Pricing

Our tax return preparation services are priced by type, schedule, form, and degree of complexity. We reserve the right to extend discounts to our clients on a case-by-case basis, and often do such when requested information is provided to us in a timely and clean format.

Since every case is unique please contact us if you need additional pricing information.

Here’s how to get started:
Tax Prep: New Clients
Tax Prep: Returning Clients

Form 1040EZBase fee for Form 1040EZ$95
Form 1040ABase fee for Form 1040A$110
Form 1040Base fee for Form 1040 long form$125
Form 1040XAmended return (req'd forms/schedules are extra)$175
Form 48686-month filing extension; 1040$75
Form 70046-month filing extension; corp. & partnership 6-month e$75
Form 1116Foreign tax credit$18
Form 2106Employee Unreimbursed Expenses$32
Form 2555Foreign earned income, page 3$20
Form 2555Foreign earned income, pages 1 & 2$60
Form 3903Moving expense adjustment$35
Form 4562Depreciation schedule$40
Form 4684Casualty & theft loss$45
Form 4797Sale of business property$44
Form 5695Residential energy credits$28
Form 6198At-risk limitations$20
Form 6251Alternative minimum tax (AMT)$44
Form 8283Non-cash charitable contributions$18
Form 8379Injured spouse allocation (when filed with 1040)$42
Form 8582Passive activity loss limitation$25
Form 8615Tax for child with investment inc. >$1,900$30
Form 8824Like-kind exchanges$59
Form 8829Home office as business expense$32
Form 8857Innocent spouse relief (when filed with 1040)$42
Form 8867Earned income credit 4 pg checklist$32
Form 8889Health savings account$40
Form 8891Certain Canadian retirement accts$36
Form 8919Uncollected FICA Tax$36
Form 8959Additional Medicare tax$20
Form 8962ACA premium tax credit (healthcare)$40
Form 8965Health coverage exemptions$20
Other Worksheets, Schedules & ReportsVaries by complexity$0, seldom more
Per additionalPer additional depreciable asset$5
Per additionalPer additional asset$15
Per additionalPer additional Sch B & D item$2
Schedule AItemized deductions$60
Schedule BInterest & dividends$30
Schedule CSole proprietorship (small biz) base fee$74
Schedule DCapital gains & losses$25
Schedule E Part IRental income base fee, per property$35
Schedule E Part IPer additional rental property$35
Schedule E Part IISupplemental income/loss$25
Schedule EICEarned income credit (only for EIC w/ kids)$50
Schedule HHousehold employment taxes$63
Schedule SESelf employment tax$0
State Income TaxState tax prep for $50, seldom more
FBARForeign Bank Account Report$200, seldom more