Tax Preparation Pricing

If you read one thing on this page it’s this: Tax returns we prepare have ranged from a few pages to more than a hundred pages, not including worksheets and attachments. That makes quoting our work before preparing the return impossible and unethical because we routinely uncover thousands of dollars in additional credits, deductions, and other items. Anyone who quotes prices for tax prep before fully interviewing a client is unethical or incompetent. But we’re fair and want to give you a heads-up on what to expect. Here’s three 1040 scenarios:

Scenario 1: You were a W-2 employee with no dependents, and after a tax professional spends time reviewing your case and– after expanding upon the many other potential tax items you might not know you’re entitled to receive or report– finds nothing else you’re eligible to claim or are required to file besides a basic 1040, you can sleep soundly that a pro has made sure you’re not leaving any money on the table yet still pay for our lowest priced tax prep which is about $125.

Scenario 2: You have a few forms or credits, may or may not itemize your deductions, and perhaps you have one or two bit-more-complicated things for us to include in your return. This the profile of something like half of our 1040 tax prep clients. You can expect to pay a tax professional at our firm around $175-$300.

Scenario 3: You have one or more rental properties, a Schedule C (small business), and/or some items to depreciate. You probably itemize and maybe there were some tax credits on top of that. These types of tax returns are prepared by a tax professional for around $300-$700 and rarely go past $700 unless there are a combination of items such as several rental properties, a depreciation mess to clean up, multiple state tax returns to prepare, etc.

Our tax return preparation services are priced by type, schedule, form, and degree of complexity. We reserve the right to extend discounts to our clients on a case-by-case basis, and often do such when requested information is provided to us in a timely and clean format. If you have a lot of time-consuming work such as bookkeeping right before a deadline, or IRS representation work with a deadline that’s only days away, you may be accepted as a client contingent upon a higher rate for the 11th hour work. You’re always welcome to walk away and pay nothing until after you’ve engaged us for our services.

Since every case is unique please contact us if you need additional pricing information.

Here’s how to get started:
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