Business Taxes

When you first started your small business, chances are you were in the dark when it came to taxes. That’s okay, we were once there, too. Have you ever wondered:

  • What’s better for me: a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, or Corporation?
  • How do I keep records the right (and easiest) way?
  • What business expenses can I take?
  • How should I pay myself a salary?
  • What taxes must my business file?

Having answers to these types of questions is vital to your success. When you choose Insight Tax Services to form your company or prepare its tax returns, you’ll have answers to questions like these right away.

Contact us and we can help you start your business out on the right foot, sort out any difficulties you’ve encountered, or keep things on track with expert business tax preparation. We prepare state and federal returns for the following businesses:

  • Schedule C (1040)
  • S-Corporations (1120S)
  • LLCs (1040, 1120S, or 1065)
  • Partnerships (1065)
  • C-Corporations (1120)