IRS Transcript Request

Aren’t sure you have all your W-2s and 1099s together? Not to worry! The IRS provides what are called “Wage and Income Transcripts” containing your basic income information that we can use in preparing most federal income tax returns.

There are three ways to obtain IRS transcripts:

  • 1. Visit the IRS transcript request website.
  • 2. Call IRS at 1-800-908-9946 (or 1-800-829-3903 if your case is in collections) to have them faxed or mailed to you. No fax machine available? You’re welcome to have IRS fax them to our office directly: 407-246-5551
  • 3. Hire Insight Tax Services to get your transcripts. We’ll prepare a Form 8821 disclosure authorization for you to sign and return to us. We’ll use this to get your transcripts. Once obtained, you’ll be provided PDFs or printed copies of the transcripts and we’ll use them to get started with your tax preparation ASAP.

Please note that IRS will not have 2014 Wage & Income Transcripts (1040s that are due 4/15/2015, or 10/15/15 if extended) until around May or June of 2015. So if we prepare your 2014 taxes before then you’ll need to provide us copies of your original tax informational docs.